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Ray Schilens
Co-Host/The Advertising Show


When Ray Schilens started in the business, tape splicing was an art form and you either nailed the entire production with the perfect take or you started from scratch. One thing that hasn’t changed since the days of analog recording is the creative behind the message.

As President and Partner of RADIO LOUNGE, a direct response radio advertising agency, Ray’s commitment to quality media content has earned him much respect by his contemporaries. Overseeing all facets of a broadcast production facility and an organizational creative think tank, Ray has vast experience in various areas of advertising, marketing and business leadership. Ray’s extensive background includes broadcast programming and creative services management in Detroit, Houston and Miami-Fort Lauderdale. Ray’s combination of creativity, dedication to quality, and his strength in client relationships has driven his successful career.

For almost two decades RADIO LOUNGE has been a labor of love that has generated award winning content and incredible results for a variety of direct advertisers and agencies around the country. With literally thousands of spots created each year, every day brings something new. Ray love’s to teach and has been an inspired leader of the RADIO LOUNGE team since its inception.

Ray is also the co-host of The Advertising Show, with Brad Forsythe. The Advertising Show debuted in September of 2001, and has been a favorite stop of ad luminaries including George Lois, Luke Sullivan, Linda Kaplan Thaler, Pat Fallon, Rance Crain, Dick Orkin, Roy Williams, Donny Deutsch, Jack Trout, Phil Duesnberry, and others with a cutting edge perspective on all aspects of media and marketing. Many consider Ray and Brad the “Click and Clack” of advertising.

Apart from business, Ray’s interests include flying to find the perfect $100 hamburger, golf on any course, at any time, and family time with his wife Kathryn, their daughters and three grand kids in the sweetest town in Texas, Sugar Land