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The author, Brad Forsythe, decided to search for books written for the "local advertiser." What he found was written for the ad professional but virtually nothing for the local advertiser. "It’s as if the word "local" never connects with the word "advertising" yet there is a distinctive difference. Entrepreneurs need short and concise advice based on real world experience, not marketing theory" says Forsythe. That’s why he has written "The 33 Most Common Mistakes Made by Local Advertisers".

For the busy entrepreneur or marketing manager engaged in local advertising,"The 33 Most Common Mistakes Made by Local Advertisers" is a fast-forward guide that helps you get it now and get it right. Short, lively chapters deliver pull-no-punches advice gained from Brad Forsythe’s 25 years of agency and media experience.

If you are interested in purchasing the book, please contact our office.

PRAISE FOR "The 33 Most Common Mistakes Made by Local Advertisers"

"Simple and straightforward, a must-read for marketing managers of small and large businesses. You’re going to like the way this reads,I guarantee it."
- George Zimmer, Founder, The Men’s Wearhouse
"Every business owner who invests advertising dollars in a local community should read this book. The author demystifies a topic that everyone seems to have a general opinion about, but usually an opinion that is not well-grounded in communication fundamentals. A profitable read for any local advertiser."
- Angus Macaulay, Vice President/Market Development, Inc. Magazine
"Hold your calls and don’t advertise until you read this book! The practical advice you need and nothing but."
- Sarah White, Author, Do-It-Yourself Advertising, Complete Idiot’s Guide to Marketing Basics

New Books Coming Soon

  • " 33 Great Ideas for the Local Advertiser"
  • " The 33 Most Common Newspaper Mistakes Made by Local Advertisers"
  • " The 33 Most Common Radio Mistakes Made by Local Advertisers"
  • " The 33 Most Common TV & Cable Mistakes Made by Local Advertisers"
  • " The 33 Most Common Outdoor Mistakes Made by Local Advertisers"
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